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bliss [ blis ] . . . supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment​

Peace, healing, sheer joy and utter contentment are what I feel when I am near nature and moving, meditating or simply BEing. This IS my bliss, the place I can retreat to anytime. I am fortunate to live in two magical places, Vieques, Puerto Rico, and Frankfort, Michigan, where I am surrounded by magnificent bodies of water, miles of protected lakeshore and breath-taking beauty. 


I strive to inspire my clients to discover their joy! I LOVE yoga. I believe yoga is not something you "do", it is a way of life!  Yoga is the unifying of our body, mind, breath and soul. How we chose to eat, live, breathe, work and play affects our health and our world! I am passionate about creating programs with my clients that encourage them to succeed and to support optimal health! 

 I look forward to sharing the beauty and magic of Vieques, as we connect with breath, body and spirit to discover the healing energy within! Visit the VIEQUES RETREATS site to begin creating your dream retreat or contact me below! 



Anna Mallien

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Vieques Pilates, Yoga & Wellness

I look forward to connecting with you ~ Namaste

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