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A few of my fav things . . .

I like the products, services & info I share below for myself. Please research things for your unique body, mind & soul. 

There is so much current research out there and so available to all of us on anything we are open to! Mental Health vs Mental illness, gut health to prevent disease, epigentics, change our brains and change our lives. Live longer, defy our genes, we are not our genes, we are not our past, we have no guarantee of our future, but we have now, this wonderful perfect moment where we can chose to embrace it, breath in and live it to its fullest! Sometimes that is not to easy. . . Brain Syncy

In a quest to find out more about intermittent fasting last year, I fell into a podcast spiral and discovered Dr. Rangan Chatterjee! 
Feel Better, Live More

Dr. Chatterjee interviews the top Dr’s and Scientists from around the world I lOVE his interview style. I appreciate the way he brings the discussion back to “how can the readers apply this to their busy lives”? 
Some of my favorite podcasts from him:
Dr Tim Spector- The science of healthy eating simplfied and why we need a healthy gut
Dr Andrew Weil,. The original “organic guru”
I adored his ending, Don’t stress about it
Dr Depok chopra - Pioneer on the front of His ending, be kind. Quantum healing and 
Dr Amen - mental HEALTH 
Jay Shetty Think like a Monk - lOVE the book, love his podcasts. Remember, he was a monk, when he does something for his health he can do it 110%, where are Dr chatterjee’s style is a bit more how can we realistically fit this into our lives. 


Green Food Spirulina & Chlorella 

Protein with lot's of goodness, I use the Vanilla, but it is strong. It covers up the taste of the green food nicely though. 

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